Vision + Values

Good Shepherd is a multi-generational congregation worshipping according to Scripture in a contemporary style, gathering as one body on Sundays and in small groups throughout Florence during the week, and introducing more people to the life-giving community of the local church.


The Florence area is a steadily growing region and a great place to begin new local churches that preach God’s Word faithfully and welcome those without a church to call home.

Looking to the Bible as our guide, Good Shepherd is committed to:

Expository Preaching

Preaching the Word in an expository manner with a Christ-centered approach, working through whole books of Scripture from start to finish

Reverent Worship

Conducting Sunday worship in a casual and comfortable yet reverent and Biblical manner, utilizing a style of music that employs elements of folk, jazz, and classical music and cherishes gospel-driven content as we sing old and new hymns and songs

Outreach AND Evangelism

Serving our non-churchgoing friends and family by creating opportunities to read the Scriptures with them and talk with them about the gospel and by welcoming them to our various gatherings

Fostering Relationships

Fostering authentic relationships within our church through prayer groups, small group Bible studies, mentor groups, and church-wide social gatherings



  • The Bible shapes what we believe and who we are
  • Authentic Worship is necessary as we gather to share in the ordinary means of grace
  • Prayer is vital to the life of the church and each believer, so we must seek God continually according to his commands
  • Sharing the gospel in a way that meets people where they are with the love and grace of God in Christ
  • Giving of our lives and resources is necessary for the growth of the kingdom of God
  • Discipleship is required for us to conform more and more to the obedient life that glorifies God
  • Community is believers encouraging one another so that we may be more like Christ
  • Serving enables us to use our gifts to strengthen our church and bless those around us