Join us at 2301 2nd Loop Road in Florence, SC!
We have Sunday Morning Bible Studies for all ages at 9:15am
and our Worship Service beings at 10:30am.

What to Expect

At Good Shepherd, everyone is welcome and there is nothing you need to bring except yourself. If you have a Bible, you can bring it with you. We dress in a wide variety of clothing, so there’s no need to fear that you’ll be over- or under-dressed.

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We gather on Sunday mornings to celebrate and remember the most significant event in history, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. You should expect to hear about God’s love and grace, about the work of Jesus Christ, and about our need to respond to him. There will be a mix of old songs, new songs, and old songs done in new ways. We highly value singing that engages our hearts and minds and that fixes our focus on God during worship.



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We love kids! If you have children, childcare is available during the worship service for children ages 4 and under. You may check-in your child downstairs, where you will be given a sticker with a number corresponding to the number your child receives. There is a screen to the right of the stage that will display your child’s number if those serving in childcare need you to attend to your child. Just ring the doorbell and show the childcare worker your sticker and they will let you in. 

 Children are certainly welcome to stay in the worship service. We have Kids' Worship Notes to help your little ones follow along in worship. If your child has trouble settling during worship, please take advantage of our Worship Training Room located downstairs. It has a live feed of the service along with a play area. In addition, a private area for nursing mothers is available in the back of the Worship Training Room.