What to Expect

At Good Shepherd, everyone is welcome and there is nothing you need to bring except yourself.  If you have a Bible, you can bring it with you.  We dress in a wide variety of clothing, so there’s no need to fear that you’ll be over- or under-dressed.

We gather on Sunday mornings to celebrate and remember the most significant event in history, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  You should expect to hear about God’s love and grace, about the work of Jesus Christ, and about our need to respond to him.



There will be a mix of old songs, new songs, and old songs done in new ways. We highly value singing that engages our hearts and minds and that fixes our focus on God during worship.



We love kids!  Childcare is available during our worship service for children ages 4 and under. You have the option to take your child to childcare at any point before the beginning of the sermon. These little ones may also stay in the worship service if you choose, but we ask that if your child has trouble remaining quiet during worship, please take them out of the cafeteria until they can enter again quietly. Additionally, we have a room with sound from the service for nursing mothers and those with little ones struggling to settle.

Kids ages 5 and up stay with the congregation during our worship service and can engage with the sermon with the help of our children’s bulletins. Our vision is that these young worshippers will be able to stay for the entire church service.



As a young church, we value investing our resources towards caring for people and doing ministry together. While it is wonderful to have a church building, we are so thankful to have a partnership with Briggs Elementary School to use their space on Sunday mornings.  We love the flexibility of the space and the opportunities that it provides our members to jump in to serving in various ways each week.


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